Sweater Love: Inspiration & Eye Candy!

Happy Monday, Sweater Girls!

We need to ease into the week. How about some inspirational eye candy for all of us Sweater-Lovers?
darling Aran:
From woolmakerlane.com via Pinterest
Cro-Fabulous Granny Square Coat from Pinterest
Colorwork Rose Garden from Pinterest

Second collection 2011 — Rabens Saloner SAWSTON, HAYES - 50507 SAWSTON CROQUE SHORT CARDIGAN, 40524 HAYES WOOL PANTS:
Chic Puff Stitches via Pinterest

Great picture, great colors.:
Chunky Block Mesh Stitches via Pinterest

Vintage Metallic Crochet Sweater (metallic is tiny edging that outlines some motifs) $198:
Openwork Crochet Lace Motifs and Shells from Free People via Pinterest
You're welcome. Have a great day!


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