Sweater Girls on the Big Screen: Lucy's Christmas Decorating Sweater

Hiya Sweater Girls,

If you're anything like me, you have been known to watch a movie because of the likelihood of seeing some delicious sweaters, and may even have categorized certain movies as "good sweater movies." I am always on the lookout for these, and will be doing an ongoing series of posts that celebrate a great sweater on the big screen. 

Today we have Lucy from the 90's rom-com, While You Were Sleeping starring Sandra Bullock (isn't she the best?) and Bill Pullman. I love this movie. I don't just watch this one for the sweaters. My brother and I are forever quoting that awkward moment when Joe Jr., son of Lucy's landlord, spots her in the hallway and says, "Hey Luuuce. Nice, uh..." and then gesturing vaguely while ogling her body, he trails off "...sweatah." She forces a smile, politely says "thank you," and disappears into her apartment to evade his romantic advances yet again.

It is a nice, uh...sweatah, don't you think? Oatmeal and gray marl is perfectly casual, the over-sized drop shoulder silhouette swallows Lucy up in coziness with the kind of extra-long sleeves that keep your hands warm, and a ribbed roll neck that is perfect for Christmastime in Chicago. It makes me want to drink hot cocoa even though I never drink hot cocoa. I would live in this sweater and leggings during our long Illinois winters.

What are your favorite movie sweaters? Have you ever watched a movie just because you thought it might have good sweaters? I've found that almost any Irish movie will have some amazing sweaters at some point. That could be a whole series on its own!


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