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My First Aran Sweater

Last summer while sipping coffee at a play date, a dear friend of mine asked me a question. "Do you think you could knit an Aran sweater?" 
How that little question changed my life as a designer and as a knitter! 
I hesitated as I thought. "I don't know." I said. "I...think I could..." 
The unspoken end of that sentence was "if I were good enough" or "if I weren't too scared to try" or "if I could see it through" but as she waited for a reply, I skipped past  my automatic self-doubt and thought, "maybe I could."
Maybe I could!
I had never attempted an Aran, had knit cables just a handful of times, and had never worked with more than one cable pattern at a time. 
Our mommy conversations moved on, but I was still thinking about Arans.
Later as we packed our kiddos up in their car seats, I brought up the Aran sweater again. I found out that she especially loved Arans because she had lived in Ireland. She had lo…

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